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Braapstik 2.0 Performance Land Paddle

Braapstik 2.0 Performance Land Paddle

SKU: 40000

The braapstik just got better check out what is new with the new braapstik 2.0


1) the center is new and adjustable. This allows you to use your own SUP handle if you have an old one sitting around. Find a new use for some of your old gear

2) the rubber foot is 2 feet in one. when one side wears out flip it over for a fresh set of rubber that will keep you out there paddling. 


Recommended spring rates. Lighter = Comfort and cushion a Heavier = More work and more Performance (A heavier paddler will not break a lighter spring just over flex it so the energy release is not as effective)

  • Light: 80 - 180 lbs
  • Medium: 170 - 230 lbs
  • Heavy: 220 - 250 lbs +
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